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  • Tips for Planning the Perfect Winter Wedding

    While winter weddings can be beautiful snowy wonderlands if everything goes well, it requires a lot of planning to deal with the potential pitfalls that come with cold weather. In order to plan a winter wedding that goes off flawlessly, there are some preparations you should make in advance. In the winter, the wedding off-season, couples have many wedding venues to choose from. Set yourself apart by demonstrating that your venue is prepared with the know-how to make their dream winter wedding a reality.

    Keep Guests Safe and Warm 

    It can be hard for guests to stay cheery in their formal clothes when it’s cold and wet, so make sure you to guests warm! It’s thoughtful to offer hot beverages to guests as they’re arriving after they’ve been walking through the cold. Unless the weather is unseasonably warm, the ceremony and reception should be held inside and with plenty of heaters. Make sure the venue doesn’t get too warm, though – the heaters might need to be turned down once the dancing starts. 

    Make sure that all walkways into and around the wedding venue are maintained so that guests don’t fall. This is especially important as many women will be wearing heels. All sidewalks and walkways need to be shoveled and scraped so that they’re free of all ice and snow, and they should be maintained throughout the event.

    Prepare for Winter Travel

    With winter weddings, it’s possible that the weather will not cooperate with plans. Because of this, it’s convenient for couples when wedding venues provide a space for both the ceremony and reception. When the entire wedding is held in the same venue, guests and the wedding party won’t face delays and dangerous road conditions when traveling between the ceremony and reception. Recommend that everyone allow for extra travel time to the wedding so that the event can start and end on time. 

    Don’t Forget the Coat Check!

    In the winter, guests will be arriving with heavy coats, scarves, and hats, and they’ll need somewhere to take them off and store them immediately after they arrive. The venue should be prepared for this with a coat check for valuables and space for guests to queue out of the cold. 

    Prepare a Space for Indoor Photography

    Winter can be unpredictable, and while the goal may be for wedding photos to be shot outside, the weather may not cooperate. Even if it isn’t snowing or raining on the day of the wedding, snowy or muddy grounds might make it messy or even dangerous to take photos outside in high heels. Venues should be prepared with a location to shoot photos indoors in case of bad weather. 

    If a couple really wants their photos to take place outside even in the case of precipitation, be prepared with simple, chic umbrellas. A simple, classy black umbrella often works best. Since it gets dark early in the winter, the photos might need to be taken before the ceremony. 

  • Opening a Wedding Venue 101

    Starting a wedding venue is an exciting chance to be your own boss while making couples’ dream weddings a reality. It’s a thrilling new beginning – but it can also seem like a big undertaking. These easy steps will help anyone interested in opening a wedding venue to pick the right location to create the space they’re imagining and use social media to make their venue a favorite among local couples. Continue reading

  • June Wedding Bells

    All of the spring has been gearing up for June. With the turn of good weather and hopefully no rain, the month has been a popular wedding month for decades. Many June Brides have chosen the month for the milder but still nice temperatures, beautiful blooming flowers, and it’s just before the start of summers and the vacations it often contains. Although May kicks off the so-called peak wedding season, it really picks up during June! With all the planning going around there are so many more options for venues in the spring and summer months compared to that of winter. Continue reading

  • Starting Spring with Double Rings

    Spring Wedding Time

    Spring and romance are in the air and more than trees are budding. The transition into spring is my favorite time of year with its warm breezes and the lush greenery making a comeback.  Spring pastels are light, dreamy and easy to match colors. Continue reading

  • Taking the Plunge in More Ways than One

    Tis the season of engagements, and what happens next? Weddings! Last year the average cost for a wedding was almost $26,000 and on the venue itself right around $13,000. The cost is trending upwards and what better way to be part of such an important day than to own your own wedding venue and/or event space.
    Continue reading

  • Almost A to Z Guide of Wedding Venue Terms

    You’ve got the ring, you set a date, wedding venue is picked out. Now it is time to plan the wedding of your dreams. But as you make your dream a reality, wedding terms and verbiage start to jumble altogether. Black tie versus blackout or block out rooms? Below is a quick list of (almost) A to Z wedding venue terms you may come across. Continue reading

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