Virginia Vineyards for Sale

Wineries for Sale in Virginia

While Napa used to be the go-to destination for American wine, Virginia wineries have become the new favorite for wine connoisseurs because of the state’s unique terroir and nurturing climate. With the state’s increasing recognition in wine competitions, restaurants, and magazines, tourists have flocked to Virginia to check out these notable wineries for themselves. Virginia’s wineries stand out for their awe-inspiring mountain views, unique wine profiles, and historic tasting rooms. Because of this, Virginia wineries have become a favorite wedding venue for states within and outside of Virginia. Whether a couple wants a picture-perfect ceremony or a stand-out food and drink menu, the Commonwealth’s wineries check every box. Virginia has unique climate zones represented by the state’s different wine regions and trails. Each region of the Commonwealth has distinctive scenery – coastal plain, rolling hills, stunning mountain views – and a different personality. If you’re looking to purchase a winery to rent out as an event space, there are wineries to meet every budget and style. 


Winemaking has been closely tied to Virginia’s history since the early days of colonization, but the state’s wine industry has never been as popular as it is today. As more and more wineries open, they only increase Virginia’s reputation as a premier winemaker and a wine vacation destination. And even with the 300 vineyards and wineries across the state, Virginia wineries have trouble keeping up with the demand for winery weddings – and the demand for their wine!


Virginia’s History and Culture of Winemaking 


Winemaking has been a critical part of Virginia’s economy and identity since the earliest settlements in the New World. Just a decade after Jamestown’s founding, law mandated every colonist plant at least ten grape vines, and by 1762, Virginians were cultivating their first wine grapes. In the decades that followed, Thomas Jefferson crafted wines to rival European varieties from the grapes grown on his Monticello vineyards. But the Virginia wine industry exploded in the late 19th century when Virginia vineyards and wineries embraced native grape varieties rather than European ones. The Virginia wine industry has experienced a rebirth in recent years, and today Virginia is one of the country’s top wine destinations. 


Virginia’s incredible popularity with wine connoisseurs has everything to do with the Virginia soil. Wine takes on the “terroir” or flavor profile of the soil that the grapes are grown in. And it just so happens that the Virginia soil’s mineral content and the state’s nurturing climate help wine grapes to thrive. Because of its particularly mild climate and rich soil, Virginia is unique in the sheer diversity of wine grape varieties that flourish across the state’s wine regions. Over 50 different types of wine grapes grow in Virginia, but how a particular wine will taste depends on the location of the vineyard. Virginia wineries are available in each of the state’s renowned wine regions depending on your needs.


Virginia Winery Wedding Venues


Within the last few years, weddings at Virginia’s breathtaking wineries have skyrocketed in popularity. This is no surprise since Virginia wineries are increasingly making a name for themselves in the domestic and foreign markets – making Virginia a must-see wine destination. Couples from within Virginia and across the country are hosting their weddings at Virginia wineries for the scenery, ambiance, and great food and wine. Because of this, Virginia wineries have topped wedding venue lists in wedding magazines and blogs over the last decade. Today, the market for Virginia winery wedding venues is booming, with countless couples searching for the perfect winery for their big day.


Virginia has a winery to fit the taste of any couple – and of any prospective winery owner! Whether you want breathtaking 360-degree scenery of the mountains, established vines on the property, or a unique or historic tasting room, Virginia has a winery to fit your dream. As more wineries open, Virginia’s popularity as a wine destination only increases, bringing new customers from across the country and across the world. With options ranging from sprawling historic estates to rustic farmhouses, and from the rolling foothills of ancient mountains to the sprawling coastal tidelands, we can help you find the right winery to host romantic, one-of-a-kind weddings.


Since most Virginia wineries already boast an impressive tasting room and curated tasting menu, most winery owners are able to host weddings without needing to invest in additional equipment or furniture. Virginia wineries are a smart investment whether you want your winery to primarily serve as a wedding venue, or whether you want to transition between a traditional winery tasting room and an event space.