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  • Featured Wedding Venues for Sale

      When you become engaged to that perfect someone the next thing that comes to mind immediately is your wedding day. All you envision is WHERE that special day will occur. Whether it will be indoor, outdoor, a rustic setting or classic elegant event with tuxedos Continue reading

  • Time for Fall Weddings!

      Fall is steadily approaching and soon the leaves will be stunning colors of amber red, golden yellow and bronze. This time of year is my favorite season of all time. Why may you ask? Well this is the season for spectacular fall weddings in Virginia! Continue reading

  • Having A Realistic Dream Wedding

      As a little girl, most of us have dreamed of our future wedding. Who we want to marry, what are dress will look like, what kind of reception we want to have, and who will be our bridesmaids. Every wedding has their own personality and details geared toward the bride and groom. But as you already know, weddings can cost a fortune. Continue reading

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