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  • Guide to Finding Wedding Venue

    Getting engaged is a magical and exciting time – but the nitty gritty of planning a wedding can be a challenge! Hosting a large, elaborate, beautiful event with many guests is complicated even for professionals. We’ll help you navigate choosing the perfect wedding venue – the first step toward making your dream wedding a reality! Continue reading

  • Planning a Warm Winter Destination Wedding – Passport Not Required

    When you are planning a wedding that will take place during the winter months, often thoughts go to warm destinations overseas. The Caribbean is a perfect example. However here in the US there are plenty of areas in the country that have extremely mild winters and would be a warm and magical place for your big day. Below we will review a few of the best. Continue reading

  • 4 Reasons to Plan a Winter Wedding

    A wedding is one of the most important days of your life. Planning a wedding during peak summer months can be stressful both for you and your invited guests. Planning a winter wedding may feel counterintuitive but don’t write off the winter months just yet. Below you will find 4 reasons that you should consider a winter wedding. Continue reading

  • The Magic of Virginia Vineyard and Winery Wedding Venues

    Over the last few years, Virginia’s vineyards and wineries have become some of the state’s most popular wedding venues – which should come as no surprise to those who have traveled its internationally-recognized wine trails. Virginia’s natural beauty makes it a breathtaking backdrop for such a romantic event, and wineries and vineyards combine views of the stunning landscape with great local food and wine. And as more Virginia wineries and vineyards open, the state is becoming even more of a wine destination – and an even more popular wedding destination for wine-loving couples! Continue reading

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