You’re getting married: Will it be traditional or modern?

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You have decided to tie the knot and you want your special day to be perfect. Todayโ€™s wedding can be anything you want it to be. Do you want an intimate wedding with just your nearest and dearest or do you want to go all out on a fairytale dream?

Weekday vs Weekend Wedding:

Weekends are traditionally when weddings take place. The weekend wedding gives you the opportunity to have a large fairytale event. Go ahead and invite everyone. Many people are off on the weekend and ready to celebrate this beautiful day with you. The large guest list and weekend day may mean that you will not be able to spend a lot of time with each person. Your guests will likely arrive the night before or the day of the wedding and leave the next day. Keep in mind that a weekend wedding is prime time and it may be harder to find the vendor, venue or band you want and it will all cost more.

However if you are on a budget or want a more intimate gathering then a weekday wedding may be the solution. A weekday wedding may mean you can limit your guest list as many people may not be able to take a day off from work. It also means a wedding event that defies the standard whirlwind weekend and allows you the opportunity to spend some quality time with your loved ones. You can celebrate your beautiful wedding on day one, have a relaxed brunch on day two and enjoy fun activities on day three. A weekday wedding also means that the venue and vendors that you desire are more likely to be available and may even cost less.


Venue vs Backyard Wedding:

If you opt for a traditional wedding venue, you will need to set your date well in advance since most major venues are booked as far as a year and a half in advance. A traditional venue is, however, more likely to include some very nice perks such as package deals that could include catering, alcohol and a band. This can save you some of the stress of having to look for and find the perfect vendors to provide food, drink and music. A large venue may also be your saving grace if you decide to wed outdoors. Should bad weather threaten your perfect day, a larger venue may have options such as moving the ceremony inside or setting up a tent. Finally most large venues will have plenty of dance floor space so that you and your many guests can dance the night away. Should your venue be a hotel then guests may be able to stay in the hotel where the wedding is being held, reducing stress and taking the guesswork out of the best way to get to your wedding. Attending the ceremony is as simple as walking out your front door.

If you wish for a less traditional wedding, then a backyard wedding could be perfect for you. Your backyard as the wedding venue means you can go small and have a more curated guest list. As you look around your space, you will need to ensure that your yard is big enough. You want to decide if your space is attractive enough and/or has a fantastic view. Other things to take into consideration are cleanup afterward, wear and tear on your yard and weather. You may not have the luxury, as with a large venue, of bringing the ceremony inside should weather become an issue. A backyard wedding does mean you can have a more casual relaxed event that will cost substantially less then a larger more traditional wedding. You will also have much more control over who you choose as caterer, who will provide the flowers and your music.


Micro vs Large:

If you have always dreamed of a large fairy tale wedding you need to keep in mind that a large wedding takes longer to put together – sometimes well over a year. And if you go the large traditional route you will be inviting friends, family and family of family members. You may not know or like your 2nd cousin on your dadโ€™s side of the family but the expectation may be that they are invited whether you like it or not. A large wedding will cost in general tens of thousands of dollars and will be far less intimate and probably far more stressful.

You could choose to go against tradition and have a micro wedding. A micro wedding is a small ceremony that consists of 50 people or less. This means a much more intimate gathering with the people who are closest to you. When you choose a micro wedding you are able to choose a less traditional venue which normally costs much less and has greater flexibility for customization. Have you always dreamed of getting married on a boat? Without the expectation of a large traditional wedding you will be able to really put your mark on your special day and make it your own.

However you choose to celebrate your special day, it will take a bit of soul searching, talking with your significant other and a clear vision. You and your partner are the most important people on your wedding day so donโ€™t let anyone color in the picture for you. You are the artist and your imagination is the only thing you need to create an amazing first day of the rest of your beautiful married life together.


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