Decisions, Decisions: What to Look for When Choosing Outdoor Wedding Venue

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  Overlooking the unparalleled  beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains as your friends and family all gather to watch you walk down the aisle of blooming grape vines. The sun is shining and the leaves are vibrant colors of amber, gold, and brown. A white tent encrusted with glistening lights, large chandeliers hang over the dance floor,  Adirondack Chairs your father made encircle the fire pit. The three string quartet starts playing the song you chose, you take a breath of cold crisp fall air and start walking toward your forever.

  Getting to this special moment takes a lot orchestrating, legwork and decisions.  Choosing the perfect outdoor wedding venue can be easy as pie if you and your fiancé sit down and make a list of what you want for your outdoor venue. Also during this conversation discuss budget to make sure everything you want in your special day is affordable. The following points can help decide what things to look for in an outdoor wedding venue.

  Will the celebration be a small intimate event or more of a Broadway production? Not all venues can accommodate a large guest count so it is important to have an approximate number when looking for an outdoor wedding venue. It will be easier to add to your list then to make that phone call to Great Aunt Florence that she cannot come to your special day.

  The venue can be a blank canvas ready for you to paint the special day you envisioned since you were little. But does it have everything you and your fiancé decided on? If you want your wedding to be at one outdoor venue from start to finish, take into consideration the space of the venue. Does the venue have a ceremony location, enough reception space, a private bridal suite to get ready in for not only you but your groom, kitchen for catering, place to take pictures, amble parking, etc. Certain venues only have limited space available in your package so it is important to ask what is included in the cost when you take a venue tour.

  Weather is an important factor when deciding on an outdoor wedding venue. Some outdoor venues are spectacular in the winter while others are gorgeous in the fall, especially during changing of the leaves.  Does your outdoor venue have a contingency plan if there is rain; such as tents, covered shelter, enough indoor space for guests? How is the lighting during the time of day you plan on having your ceremony? This is not only important for pictures but you also do not want the sun glaring into your eyes let alone the guests. Simple way to double check this is to plan on taking a visit to your outdoor wedding venue during the time of day you want your ceremony to be.  

  Choosing an outdoor wedding venue will be one of the first decisions you and your fiancé make as an engaged couple. But no matter where your special day is held, you and your family will have these memories forever. Happy Hunting!

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