Windgate Vineyards and Winery

  Windgate Vineyards and Winery, an estate winery in Indiana County, PA, is located in a picturesque Amish farming community. The vineyard was started in the 1970’s, and the winery opened its doors in 1987. The winery has a capacity to produce 8,500 cases annually.
  Situated on a high plateau, Windgate enjoys a microclimate uniquely suited to growing grapes, rivaling premium European wine regions for agricultural characteristics. A 15-acre, fenced-in growing area protects a mature vineyard of 12 varieties (European and hybrid grapes), as well as a 1/2 acre apple orchard.
The varieties planted to are:
β€’ Aurore
β€’ Cabernet Franc
β€’ Cascade
β€’ Chambourcin
β€’ Chancellor
β€’ DeChaunac
β€’ Foch
β€’ Marquette
β€’ Riesling
β€’ Seyval
β€’ Traminette
β€’ Vidal
  An owner’s residence, built in 2000 has 5 bedrooms, an open-space living area with a cathedral ceiling, a light-filled kitchen, and spectacular year-round views. Additional income is made through event venues, including a Vine Room and weddings, and rental of a small guest house. This property is brought to you by Rick Walden and Richard Ellenberger and was submitted through

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